BIM Design

ZF Architects BIM design team, set up in October 2007, is one of the earliest BIM sector architectural design institutions. Zhongfang adheres to the close combination of BIM design and engineering design, with BIM design results fully supporting the implementation at the construction site. Design team consists of construction, structures and MEP professionals, with registered engineers as core members, to complete the whole process of BIM design from engineering design, sustainable assessment to services onsite.

In 2009, the Huangpu center won the national first Innovation Cup Ten Outstanding BIM Design Award; as a pioneer in BIM practice, invited to Beijing for BIM application and construction sustainable design keynote speech by Architectural Society of China and U.S. Autodesk company; invited by the national university digital design education committee and Tongji University, to conducted BIM application and architecture collaborative design and construction practices key note speech in 2010.

The Huangpu Center BIM design

Location of the construction site: Huangpu District, Shanghai
Construction scale: 20 floors on the ground  20,000㎡
2 floors underground  12,000㎡
Building height: 88M
Building type: Grade A office building
Completion date: 2009
Award: 2011 National Excellent Engineering Exploration & Design Industry Award Construction Engineering Third Prize
Project Description:
The project had full professional modeling through BIM, completed collision detection, adjusted and optimized the design though BIM, modified the design drawings, pre-processed the integration issues of each pipeline, making a substantial reduction in the on-site construction speed and the amount of rework.


Century Sea View Garden BIM design

Location of the construction site: Pudong New District
Construction scale: 26 floors on the ground  20,000㎡
2 floors underground  12,000㎡
Building height: 90M
Building type: high-end residential & hotel
Completion date: 2010
Award: 2013 Shanghai Excellent Exploration & Design Project third prize
Project Description:
According to the special requirements for the hotel high-grade decorated housing, the project applied full professional modeling through BIM including decoration part. The location of room ceiling outlet, lighting and various device pipelines are positioned after the model selection, the holes location at the structural beam was adjusted to achieve the accurate construction site requirements. BIM collision detection on the two large scale underground garages of this project was carried out, the unreasonable and conflicts in the design were optimized, and the guidance to the second construction unit setting out was provided.


Shanghai Seagull Business Building BIM design

Location of the construction site: Shanghai Hongkou District
Construction scale: 5 to 16 floors on the ground   20,000㎡
2 floors underground   7,000㎡
Building height: 68M
Building type: Office building
Completion date: 2010
Award: 2010 Shanghai Exploration & Design Trade Association Excellent Engineering third prize
Project Description:
From the conceptual design stage, the project applied BIM technology for indoor atrium environment, made assessment on the influence of solar irradiation and thermal radiation exposure time to the winter and summer indoors, and selected the optimal solution. Do three-dimensional presentation on the complex structure and the interior space changes, and help the construction unit with the correct setting out.

Haidonghai Commercial Plaza BIM design

Location of the construction site: Huangpu District, Shanghai
Construction scale: 6 floors on the ground  6,600㎡
Building height: 26M
Building type: Large scale commercial + office buildings
Completion date: Under construction
Project Description:
This project is the special-shaped steel roof digitized lofting, applying BIM and digital design combination, to design smooth surface shape. According to the requirements for the form, complete the linkage design of the structure and evaluation on the rational force. Do linkage numbers and drawing for more than 6,000 different structure rod, providing a spatial positioning coordinates of each component, to provide digital model on product processing and on-site setting-out to the construction unit.