Opportunities for young people

Encourage technical democracy, and young people also have the opportunity to undertake key project design.

Break the wheel seniority, and entrust competent young people with important task.

At present, the youngest management level of the company is only 30 years old.

Eclectic promotion channel and outstanding young people have the opportunity to become shareholders of the company.

Perfect training system:

Twice a week outstanding architectural video tour; quarterly project workshop; quarterly works communication training in and outside the institute.

New employees: specific counseling; specification disambiguation; incentive assessment.

Open library, regularly updated books for employees to borrow.

Company magazine ZF-TIME, rich in content, builds internal communication platform.


Rich enterprise cultural activities

Middle-level staffs regular study abroad once a year: (2011 Europe trip - Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland; 2012 Germany, Switzerland)

Travel abroad once a year; (2012, Italy, Bali; 2013 UK, Japan)

Outward activities once a year; (2011 Hangzhou Mogan Mountain, 2012 Shaoxing Zhuji outward bound)

Weekly sports funding; (basketball, yoga, soccer, badminton, etc.)

Healthcare: Set up medical room, with health care professionals. Arrange medical check for staff once a year.

Parent-child activities: Enrich staff lives, enhance interactive understanding.

Our competitive strength

As the backbone of Shanghai local design company, we are one of Shanghai´s earliest eight companies that acquired the drawing examination qualification, and also one of Shanghai´s 12 design quality inspection units.

2009 won Shanghai survey and design quality and integrity enterprise award among the only 8 award-winning design units

In the national, provincial and municipal architecture professional awards, cumulatively win more than 100 awards.

Bring in foreign designers, activate design environment, to create an international design company.