Design Thinking

To promote the idea of staying ahead is the development force of ZF Architects

In the competitive market, ZF seeks to create quality designs and pay attention to detail. Staying ahead informs the whole design process. With a diverse range of architecture and expressive forms, we seek to support the creative philosophy suitable to the team who are designing, and specific to the project and client’s needs. Where projects have complex functions or shapes, we adopt new computer-aided means to provide the best modeling and construction.

Adhering to being modern and rational is a creative principal of ZF Architects

We look to create a diverse range of architectural styles; we do not wish to follow the typical concept that is prevalent currently. ZF Architects promotes the idea of a modern, rational and practical way of designing when dealing with building construction, form, contradictions and relationships. The works express the high quality construction to create a modern architectural style filled with the spirit of the times we live in, coordinating cities, complying with customs and making people feel comfortable.


Highlighting the local features is the source of our inspiration

ZF uses the geographical features of the site to influence the creative process and modern ways of design and technology. ZF tries to create a link between past and present researching the site and its history, so it can use this information to develop modern designs and concepts respecting heritage sites.

ZF takes inspiration from the surrounding environment of the site calling the natural or urban landscape to inspire the idea and promote the harmony between nature, people and buildings.

Respecting historical environment is the view of ZF Architects

Respecting the historical remains and continuing its urban context is one of the most important factors in the philosophy of ZF. In historical districts we have successfully protected old buildings, transforming them into clubs as a gathering place for promising architects and into a window to carry the architectural history forward into the future. We also promote and practice the preservation of valuable historic remains, respecting them and keeping their value when converting their function into something new. It not only embodies the concept of sustainable development, but also satisfies the cultural and historical needs, so that the urban context and culture may carry forward.


Paying close attention to ecological needs is the responsibility of ZF Architects

Paying close attention to the ecological energy conservation is the social responsibility of our company. Complying with the ecological rule of using the land sparingly and reinforcing carefully considered planning, we also pay close attention to protecting and using the natural environment such as landscapes and wetlands. Following the concept of energy efficiency in buildings and protecting the environment, we focus on a perfect combination of various advanced technologies and construction methods. 
We do not support the idea of following the crowd for the sake of innovation wishing to build sustainable environments. ZF believes in the concept of protecting the local ecological environment specific to the site.