Sanya Yanlord Haitang Bay construction commencement

Recently, developed by Yanlord Group and designed by Zhongfang Construction, the Sanya Yanlord Haitang Bay Resort officially opened, with luxury hotels and resorts in one collection. Make full use of Sea view resources, well proportioned, forming a courtyard space with a sense of sequence and privacy; Applying Xieshan top four slope roof, through the organic combination of different materials, to create a building image with a strong image of a tropical local characteristics.

Chief engineer organized Nanjing new building visit

On July 31, Zhongfang Construction organized chief engineer office to go on Nanjing new building visit activity to Nanjing´s representative commercial cultural projects, mainly including: Jiangsu Province Art Museum, Jinling Art Museum, Long-hair Center, Pengxin Aqua City, Nanjing Gulou Hospital New Building, Zifeng Mansion, Sifang Contemporary Art Museum, Jiangsu Software Park Jishan Base, Jinling Library, Nanjing,Municipal Women and Children Activity Center, etc.

Lingang marine fishing port project conceptual design

Recently, Zhongfang Construction participated in the international conceptual design collection of Lingang New City marine-themed commercial circle, under the overall framework of "marine-themed commercial circle", the landmark took the giant ship as the prototype, according to the different functional requirements of each plot, applying the detailed marine elements and streamlined design language to highlight the overall shape, making the project a unified whole yet full of change, and full of rhythm.


Wan Yuan Royal Mansion completed for hot sale

Designed by Zhongfang Construction, the Wan Yuan City • Royal Mansion by Urban Development Group, as the finale boutique Wan Yuan City International Community with 1.3 million m², has been highly praised in the industry with its high standard, large space layout design and fine Art-Deco high-end residential design quality. The project sales of the first month won the total amount champion in Shanghai commercial property sales since opening, and even a high degree of market recognition.

Lingang New City enclosed housing visit

Recently, Chairman Ding Mingyuan accompanied Songjiang City Investment Group leaders and visited Lingang New City limited-price housing which was designed by Zhongfang Construction. The project adopted small-scale enclosed neighborhood, with efficient use of land, enhanced the overall sense of urban space, and provided residents with a more open public space, to facilitate communication and living atmosphere of strong sense of belonging.

Compose commercial complex design guideline

Recently, Zhongfang Construction chief engineer office organized the technical backbones, combined with many years of commercial projects practice and research summary, composed a "Guidelines for the design of commercial center in commercial complex", analyzed how to shape high quality commercial space under different scales, different formats and different theme planning, and carried out training on design staffs to further improve the level of whole process control on the commercial complex.

Huangpu District Wuliqiao public rental housing project signed

Recently, Zhongfang Construction entered into a collaboration intention with Luwan District public rental investment and operation company to undertake Wuliqiao project in the planning, construction, interior and landscape design and the whole process design. In the early conceptual schemes selection, Zhongfang Construction explored innovative design concept for public rental housing, through enclosed block layout planning methods, multi-level green layout to create an open community, which received high recognition from the client.

Zhongfang Construction Xi´an Branch established

In order to further accelerate Zhongfang Construction in the national development strategy, exploiting the Northwest market, better provide high quality and efficient design services to the Northwest customers, Zhongfang Construction Xi´an Branch was officially established. And good news came right at the beginning, to undertake Xi´an Economy Development Group office building project, making an auspicious start for the branch.