Research Results

Scientific Research Achievements

With more than thirty years of history, Zhongfang Construction has gone through a lot of hardships from the company startup to the restructuring. The focus on talents and the pursuit of quality design has gradually become the group’s culture, and research summary has also attracted more and more attention. 
From the mid-1990s, we compiled and developed a “memoir” every two years, published 51 articles in professional journals in the recent 5 years, and also had official publication of "Residential Area Planning Ideas and Practices", "Suzhou Zhuyuan" "Suzhou Architectural Guidelines," "Art Deco and Contemporary Residential Area" and other academic monographs.
Recently composed project summaries include: "High-Rise Office Building Design Summary", "Subway Top Head Complex Design Summary", "The Application of Mature Eco-Energy Saving Technology", "Residential Housing Type Summary", "Indemnificatory Housing Design Guidelines" and "Total Process Control Methods of Construction Design" over ten summaries, etc. Participated in the compilation of more than thirty national and Shanghai municipal scientific researches, specifications, procedures and standard graphics.


"Art Deco and Contemporary Residential Area"

Currently, Art Deco architectural style is spreading in the design of residential areas, only in Shanghai outstanding residential areas and "My Favorite Indemnificatory Housing" project selection reporting statistics, Art Deco-style settlements accounted for as many as thirty percent, Zhongfang Construction went through all Shanghai districts, not only reviewed the historic Art Deco building remains, but also saw a large number of recently built or under construction settlements in Art Deco style of nearly sixty, which had the common issue of identical forms, similar colors and singleness of technique.

Therefore, we started from the current status of the popular spreading of western modern historic building in Shanghai, analyzed the social background that generated this situation, from the origin and characteristics of Art Deco architectural style and Shanghai history review, got a general understanding of the law of development of this style from complex to simplicity and different pursuit in the design of public buildings and apartment buildings. On this basis, we put forward the concerns of Art Deco style in residential area applications, and further elaborated the proposed concept through case interpretation, hoping that through the thinking and exploration of the application of Art Deco architectural style, we can get it out of being imitated to the development direction with the spirit of the time.

Author: Ouyang Kang, Bao Hailing, Ding Mingyuan
Press: China Architecture and Building Press
Published in: 2014

"Suzhou Zhuyuan"

Suzhou city´s most classic folk housing group is classified as "Pingjiang historic district", where blocks of residential buildings epitomized the Suzhou folk house pattern. The original building at No. 31 Pingjiang Road was part of the private residence of a rich and influential family built in the Qianjia Reign of Qing Dynasty, located in the historic conservation area of Pingjiang Road, Suzhou City, as a historic building conservation and reuse project. On the basis of the restoration of the original charm of the historic building, we fully considered reasonable and perfect utilization function of the building, through various means of modern architecture, revitalized the ancient building. And No. 31 Pingjiang Road will become a senior club integrating tourism information consulting, book bar, professional salon, exhibition, guest houses and multiple functions after completion.

This book is to write about a protective renovation case of a specific ancient building, and put forward some enlightening ideas for the future maintenance and renovation of Chinese ancient buildings. Hope that this book can not only provide you a case study, but also give you the understanding and experience of ancient architecture protection methods, with some inspiration to promote the protection of traditional architecture of the city and traditional urban areas.

Author: Wang Shouzhi
Press: Shanghai Brilliant Publishing House
Published in: 2009


"Residential Area Planning Ideas and Practices"

In over thirty years of construction design work practices, Zhongfang Construction found it amazing how fast the residential area construction has developed and how large the scale has become, with much concern on the residential area and city association as well as the social influence. In this context, we cannot help but to look to the residential area and think about the planning of the residential area, and try to induce and summarize the project works that we have experienced, and seek some rules or approaches for the residential area planning and design.

We found that almost every case expected to express certain idea of their own, and these ideas had different focus as time went by, the ideas that each case expressed were actually fragments of the residential area planning ideas, some trying to find the starting point of the creation from the "fragments", some trying to reflect the connotation of these "fragments" in the formation of ideas, while the connotation itself was often originated from practice. We integrated these residential planning idea "fragments", and tried to combine them with the original intention that merely to seek the rule or method, and summed up into the book "Residential Area Planning Ideas and Practices".

Author: Ouyang Kang, Bao Hailing, Ding Mingyuan
Press: China Architecture and Building Press
Published in: 2009