Indemnificatory Housing

Indemnificatory Apartment

SHZF Architects has been dedicating to indemnificatory apartment design area for many years, and has accumulated a wealth of practical experiences, from early 1990s, when Zhongfang designed Pingyang New Village for the relocation of Shanghai Yan´an road overhead and won the first prize of urban planning and design from the Ministry of Construction and Design, to the recent high-quality design of the second and third phase of Chengtou Xinkai Homes and Chengtou Xinjiangwan public rental housing and other projects which have gained unanimous favorable comments from all sectors of society; currently, according to the requirements of relevant leaders and the city planning bureau to further improve the living quality of indemnificatory housing, our company is engaged in the design of Songjiang Shebei, Lingang New City, Jiading Huangdu New City and other indemnificatory projects with enclosed layout, and hopes to further improve the level of construction of the indemnificatory housing in the spatial environment, comprehensive supporting facilities and the reduction of construction cost.

Scientific Research Summary

SHZF Architects gave full play to the company’s advantage in scientific research, concentrated technical backbones, and did research summary on the indemnificatory housing. The company has built a knowledge base, in which all projects since 2000 are included, and set up a specific housing type base for indemnificatory housing, so that the housing types and facade design etc. can be improved continuously on the original base. Zhongfang also organized company internal and external experts to go on special trips to Japan and South Korea to visit the indemnificatory housing projects, made research report, and tried to provide varieties of ideas for the design and operation of indemnificatory housing. 


We cooperated with Shanghai Chengtou Land and wrote the "Indemnificatory Housing Design Guidelines", with detailed elaboration on the residential area planning, monomer design, structural design, equipment design, energy saving and environmental protection, commonly used materials, construction cost estimation and other aspects, which has certain guidance significance for each and every design and professional aspect of the indemnificatory housing.

Design Innovation

Compared with general commercial housing residential area, indemnificatory housing living spatial environment tends to appear crowded due to the smaller average household size, more household numbers and higher floor area ratio etc., however, as the parking spaces are a lot, the cost of land and the cost of construction and installation has little advantage to the product, resulting in the fact that the selling price of indemnificatory housing is not -澳门威尼斯人-www.7798.com手机版澳门威尼斯人官方注册网址-奥门威尼斯人

cheap, which also put forward a new topic to our indemnificatory housing project designers.

Lingang New City - small-scale enclosed neighborhood, living spatial environment improvement

The application of enclosed layout in multilayer neighborhood not only had a positive significance for the efficient use of the residential land, but also strengthened the overall sense of urban spaces, and smartly use the feature of the base and compass at an angle of 45° to solve the sunlight and ventilation for the enclosed residential.

The residential structure of 500 to 800 households is conducive for the residents to form the sense of identity and belonging to the community. Spatial scales are cordial and pleasant, providing the residents with all-weather outdoor activity space.

Design Innovation

Huangdu residential area - Ground earthing garage, greatly reduced the construction cost of the garage


Due to the small size of the average household in the indemnificatory housing, large number of households and parking, the construction cost of underground garage is high, while a lot of ground parking has impact on the environment. The parking mode should highlight the economical efficiency and the convenience to use, and take into account the reduction of impact on the environment, advocating innovative ways of parking and the reform of supporting policies, combined with the residential environment to set up ground parking garage, which not only enriched the community environment but also saved construction cost. This approach got strong support from the planning department, the parking garage is not included in the floor area ratio or building coverage ratio, and the ground parking garage roof included in the green space ratio after discount.