Company Profile

About us

SHZF Architects founded in 1979, is an influential Grade A comprehensive design company in the construction industry in Shanghai, with the main business including urban planning, architectural design, interior design and landscape design.

The company adopts the joint - stock business by key management, technical backbone shareholding, relying on the teamwork of nearly 300 professionals in various disciplines, in providing customers with multi-level technical services, and in the meantime making efforts to create works full of architectural ideals and professionalism. In recent years, it has created a number of high-quality construction works such as the “Jiujiantang” in Pudong New District, "Jingding Ampang" in Jin’an central area, "Jiangnan Run Park " in Jiaxing, “Hejiayuan" in Hangzhou, " Vanke Gongwang" and other high quality architectural works, and has won national and Shanghai design awards several times. The company was nominated the top ten private enterprise in China civil construction overall strength, as well as the "Design Brand Award".


About us

As a practitioner of whole control of boutique architectural design, the company actively tried from project planning, architectural design, interior design, landscape design, project management, construction supervision and  each aspect to provide design control and service support in the whole project construction process,, established a wide range of international and domestic technical cooperation network, and dedicated to provide customers and the society with building work in accordance with professional standards.

The company currently is committed to enhancing the technical content of eco-energy saving in the building design, and has already studied and summarized dozens of eco-energy saving technology, making efforts to integrate it with the various project design that the company undertakes, implemented and completed a number of eco-energy saving practical projects with the representative of "Suzhou Zhuyuan Club", and has achieved good social and economic benefits.

Office Environment

The Huangpu Center is located in Laoximen, Huangpu District of Shanghai, adjacent to Zhonghua Road city ring, the west side a stone’s throw away from Shanghai Xintiandi, , overlooking the Bund and the Huangpu River. Huangpu Center is a pure Grade A office building, 20 floors on the ground and 2 underground. Zhongfang Construction adheres to the concept of "boutique architecture overall control design", carries out whole process control on project planning, architecture, interior, landscape design and construction aspects, to achieve high design accuracy and overall harmonization.
From the architectural language, whether the architecture, landscape, or the interior, the Huangpu Center adheres to the simplicity and rationality of modernism. A total of three and a half floors of large offices for Zhongfang employees to use, openness, transparency, simplicity and liveliness is the main tonality of the design. We intentionally use a large 12-person table; in the center of each large space, we set two fully transparent partitioned chief engineer room and conference room to facilitate the discussion in the design process. All interior materials and furniture are made in black and white gray, sp as to ensure a clean and bright overall space.


Office Environment

In the entire interior design, partially second-story void lobby is the only space design that is somewhat extravagant. In addition to the externally displayed TV wall and the model, the lobby and the second floor corridor library generates shared visual, making it less commercial, more scholar’s style.
Adjacent to the lobby is the meeting area. Design companies often have a lot of clients coming to discuss projects. In order to make better use of resources, the entire conference area adopts a flexible partition system. it can transform into different spatial combinations in a very short time to respond to different occasions from two or three small talks to hundreds of people communication in a large exhibition. Beside the introduction of stone materials of the external façade, the materials used in the lobby and meeting areas use a lot of maple color, supplemented by some pure black. This mix again with warm light source, blend the warmth of wooden color in an otherwise gray coldness. This feeling with previous visitors’ from the stone-based lobby to the stainless steel-based elevator hall, the continued feeling formed a complete sequence, to those who come to visit, making them feel at home.